About Us

The Virginia Archaeology Charitable Trust (VACT) was incorporated on November 9, 2016.  Its mission is to provide a fundraising and distribution platform for archaeological research involving Virginia sites.

VACT promotes awareness of qualified projects that require funding and connect potential donors to projects through its website.  Please refer to How It Works for project application form and procedures.  Donors will make donations or pledges, depending on project type, using VACT’s crowdfunding software and a third-party credit card processing company.

Funding supports projects involving sites located in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Appropriate projects may include, but are not limited to research, excavation, analysis, report preparation, publication, curation and conservation.  The principal investigator for each project must meet the Secretary of the Interior’s professional qualifications for archaeology (Federal Register 48:44738-9) and be a current full member of the Council of Virginia Archaeologists or the Register of Professional Archaeologists.  In addition, VACT intends to distribute a small portion of each donation to the Archeological Society of Virginia (ASV) to support research on Virginia sites threatened with destruction.

VACT hopes to become the major hub for archaeological fundraising in the Commonwealth by maintaining a comprehensive up-to-date list of funding opportunities and publicizing those opportunities to connect projects with donors.

Why contribute to VACT?

Small contributions from supporters like you in any amount help sustain archaeological projects around the Commonwealth. When you donate, you know you’re a part of something. Plus, donations are tax-deductible.

Why apply to have your project funded through VACT?

VACT can help get the word out and provide an easy way for your community to support your project.

Learn more at How it Works.