How It Works

This website is under construction and the following information may change before VACT is officially launched.

This site was developed by archaeologists to provide a fundraising platform supporting archaeological research on Virginia sites.

For Donors:

If you are a prospective donor we offer you an unparalleled opportunity to make direct and lasting impacts on the study of Virginia’s spectacular range of prehistoric and historic sites. Browse through the current listings to see the variety of research projects actively seeking your assistance. If you give to an ongoing active project your donation will be deducted immediately. Should you choose to pledge toward a one-time project (seeking a minimum amount of funding to be feasible) your payment information will be taken securely and not processed until/unless the project reaches its goal.

In addition to supporting the project(s) of your choice, a small percentage of every donation is earmarked for the Archeological Society of Virginia’s Threatened Sites Fund, where it will be distributed for work on significant sites imperiled by development, sea level rise and other threats.

Each of our listed projects is sponsored by a non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible within the limits of the current tax laws.

For Applicants

If you are a professional archaeologist or non-profit entity seeking funding for a qualifying project we invite you to submit your application and have your project listed on the site. All prospective project sponsors are required to fill out our application form .

The application requires sponsors to furnish proof of non-profit status, qualifications of project archaeologists, research designs and so forth which will be approved by VACT before projects are listed on the website.

Once approved, your project may feature text, photos, video and links to addition information.

Sponsors may submit either a one-time threshold project or request funding for ongoing research on one or more projects.

One-time threshold projects are those that set a funding goal and deadline for reaching their goal. Your project will receive pledges only if the minimum level of support is reached by the stated deadline.

If your organization supports a department of archaeology or other ongoing qualifying work, you will be asked to provide an overview of current projects, staff qualifications and explain how your work meets state and federal guidelines for professional archaeological research.

VACT funds are intended to directly support your archaeological research project and are not to be used for capital outlay. Salaries and reasonable overhead costs are acceptable.

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