Tips for Prospective Projects

Choosing a funding type

There are two types of VACT projects, ongoing and one-time threshold projects.

In ongoing projects, your organization receives any donations made (minus VACT fees not covered by donors). This kind of project is great for supporting continuing programs or initiatives. An ongoing project is a great way to collect occasional donations and tap into existing community support.

One-time threshold projects follow a more traditional crowdfunding model. These projects have an end date and a dollar goal. Only projects that meet or exceed their goal by the end date will be funded. This builds excitement and drama, and is great for sharing on social media to find new audiences and supporters.

Scaling your one-time threshold project

Ensure that your project goal is attainable. Donors are more likely to contribute to projects when they can see progress being made toward the 100% funding level. Don’t set your goal too high!

Likewise, choose an end date that is not so far away that prospective donors will forget about the campaign. You might have supporters that are checking in from time to time and who are willing to give you an extra push toward the finish line!

Making your project successful

VACT will share your project periodically through our social media channels, but publicity and buzz is ultimately up to your organization. …