Preserving Alexandria’s Maritime Heritage

Increased development along Alexandria's waterfront has uncovered the remains of a bustling late 18th/19th century waterfront neighborhood. In addition to four historic ships, archaeologists also unearthed the remains of wharves, warehouses, businesses, and homes (and their associated artifacts). These amazing finds need to be documented, preserved, conserved, and interpreted for today's public and future generations.

Alexandria Archaeology Curation, Conservation, and Data November 7, 2020 at 12:00 pm
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All artifacts recovered under the purview of the Archaeological Protection Code are required to be curated in a facility that meets Federal standards. Alexandria Archaeology’s repository facility meets these standards and the vast majority of artifacts discovered in Alexandria are curated with the City, including ones from the waterfront.

This project will continue to be disseminated digitally via Alexandria Archaeology’s website, SketchFab account, and social media platforms. Friends of Alexandria Archaeology will also share information on their website and social media.

Alexandria Archaeology will also continue hosting lectures, workshops and programs, conference sessions, and school group lessons related to the historic waterfront and ships. A series of articles and/or technical reports that are both methodological/descriptive and research oriented are also expected.